What to expect

So you need a writing project completed, spectacular! What’s next? Well, our job is to make it painless for you. Each assignment will be different but we will always need the following information:

1. A single point of contact who will provide information and answer our questions
2. A due date
3. Existing examples or materials (this can be a competitor’s example, also)
4. Details about what the project entails

Not to worry, we will guide you through the process! Once we get a good understanding of what your project needs are, we'll draft a proposal and submit it to you for approval.  The proposal will include a timeline of target dates, an estimated fee, and a detailed project scope so everyone is on the same page.

Marketing copywriting projects can typically be completed in
just 2-4 weeks - that's pretty much a warp-speed makeover for your brand. 



Below is a generic sample of a user manual project scope. This will help you understand
the components of creating this type of document and how you can modify your request.

2. Create

1. Research

• Create new layout with international standard paper size
• Write all content
• Create all graphics
• Write warning statements to meet international standards
• Edit for grammar, punctuation, and spelling 

• Identify Stakeholders list and Subject Matter Expert (SME) point person
• Clarify target audience and objectives
• Benchmark existing and competitor documentation
• Interview and/or gather information from SME(s)


4. Translate

3. Review

• Deliver documents to translations vendor for translation
• Receive translations and input into layout
• Deliver documents for proofing of languages
• Complete any necessary changes to language set 

• Send for shared review to Stakeholders list - anticipate 2-3 reviews
• Update document with all review changes 


5. Deliver

• Documents will be prepared as PDFs for print and electronic outputs and will be delivered electronically
• Native document and image files will be prepared and delivered electronically


User Manual Timeline

The average ground-up user manual creation will take approximately 6-11 weeks to complete. The graphic above represents a calendar time estimate (not hours worked) to completion from start to finish of a new user manual. Revisions can take considerably less time in the first two phases (Research and Create), but still require the same time for Reviews, Translations, and Delivery.