The Magic of a Marketing copywriter

What’s your story worth?

Company logos aside, your marketing story is the face of your brand and even your company. Now what does that look like to your audience? First off, you need to be you. Getting to know who you are as a company helps us find your unique and winsome voice so your audience can relate to you. Getting to know your customers lets us create a clear message that engages, delights, and sells. Great copy isn’t just a random, entertaining tagline, it’s built upon a rock-solid foundation of sole purpose – to convert readers into happy customers. Using surveys and research we’ll uncover insights about what drives and repels your ideal customers, so your messaging communicates with them in “their language,” building long-term trust and clearly establishing your unique value. Leverage great copy that resonates with your target audience to bump up your bottom line.

So, what makes great copy?

Imagination, empathy, elbow grease, passion (and maybe a dash of psychic intuition), all guided by the established purpose and fine-tuned for your specific audience. Great copy creates a personal experience and a journey for every soon-to-be customer to follow, leading straight to brand trust, enthusiasm for products/services, and money in your pocket.

We're here to elevate your message to its highest potential, to help you get clear on how to pitch to your prospects and to make dang sure you avoid pitfalls (our combined 20+ years of experience comes in handy here!). 

We also rock at technical writing…

Here are some equally thrilling ways we can add benefit to your company:

  • Clean your plate! Remove the burden on current employees who begrudgingly trickle out your copy and documentation today. They have other jobs they do better and they’ll be happier focusing on what they do best. 

  • Check that box. Deliver completed, high-quality work that is accurate, clear, and on time.

  • Be the authority. Increase your credibility with your customers and potential customers to attract new business.

  • More rapport. Connect to your audience and user’s experiences and perspectives to create effective marketing copy that resonates. This generates brand trust and loyalty, two things you can’t just buy.

  • Cover your assets. Reduce cost by preventing lawsuits, avoiding errors, creating robust documentation, exploring digital versus print solutions, and increasing productivity.

  • Scalability is smart. Remain flexible to market demand and current workload. Most companies don’t truly need a full-time writer on payroll. We’re here when you need extra hands!


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"WORKING with Elizabeth Gilbert Writing and Design has been a pleasant experience and greatly increased the level of professionalism for IMBA's Instructor Certification Program. Betty ensured that all of our needs were clearly understood and presented us with a step by step proposal. All deadlines were met on time and she went above and beyond to make the ICP's course manuals exceptional!"

Tammy Donahugh

“BETTY has helped SRM develop professional user manuals for our technical products. It has been fantastic to work with a company who can view instructions from the customer’s perspective and generate professional, clear and understandable instructions for complex product functions. Additionally, Betty helped keep us on track with clear outlines, well managed timelines and excellent communication throughout the editing and final approval process.” 

Leslie Klein
SRM PowerMeters

"I LOVE Betty's writing style! Fun, feminine and adaptable, her voice comes from a place of experience when it comes to cycling and allows her to speak clearly to our audience. In helping us produce copy for our main brand books, Betty’s flair for writing resulted in a finished product that is 100% better than previous years and represents our new brand direction.” 

Caroline Washam
Liv Cycling

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Information loves to be clean and beautiful. It yearns for a smart, purposeful design. Every word serves its duty and every graphic supports an intention. Let’s find the best way to vitalize your brand through effective, inspiring copy and sophisticated visual design. Whether we communicate your brand story, an individual product story, or even an instructional guide, let’s connect your message to your audience.

“The idea is to make designs that enhance the richness, complexity, resolution, dimensionality, and clarity of the content. By extending the visual capacities of paper, video, and computer screen, we are able to extend the depth of our own knowledge and experience. And we also enter the cognitive paradise of explanation, a sparkling and exuberant world, intensely relevant to the design of information.”

From Visual Explanations by Edward R. Tufte



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