Passion, curiosity, and commitment. Those are the things that drive me in this life and drive my creative content. I love
learning, researching and sharing knowledge with others, which all of my clients can attest to. I’m always searching for ways to streamline the process and introduce new ideas to save time
and dollars.

I lead the charge with a passionate and talented team. I've knit together a group of writers, top-performers, and deadline-crushing collaborators not only to inspire me every day to push beyond my perceived best, but to bring you the quality of content your business demands.

I work exceptionally well independently, in team settings, and across all key functional areas including engineering, product development, marketing, web development, and sales.  

I’ve always been fascinated by science, language, and the human body, which is how I ended up in physical therapy. But my drive to write was too strong and I ended up making the switch after being struck with a great opportunity and then putting in the elbow grease to make it on my own. 

Even though I spend most of my life interacting with physics-loving engineers and quick-witted marketing folks, I also feel irrevocably at home with artists, musicians, and dreamers. It’s no wonder, since my twin sister has been an artist since she could hold a pencil. My clone’s name is Nichole Yanota and she creates magic in many forms, including graphic design, fine art, and tattooing, in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. More info on her
genius below.

I blissfully reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I feel so fortunate to have my own business and love the work I do. My passion project is life coaching ( I’m also working on a fictional memoir, learning to oil paint, and taking dance lessons.



Nichole is part of the team - and she's Betty's twin sister. She currently resides in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and spends her days in the studio creating paintings, illustrations, block-carvings and digital art. She specializes in helping clients create memorable brands with iconic imagery. Visit her website to view her portfolio of custom graphics, logos, and layouts. Nichole attained her technical writing certificate through Mount Royal University's program, a recognized member of the Society of Technical Communication (STC).

Nichole Yanota, Artist Collective Studio, 2017

Nichole Yanota, Artist Collective Studio, 2017

Visit Nichole's Portfolio  here

Visit Nichole's Portfolio here